RLHS D C Price Auditorium is able to provide professional quality facilities and services for staff /students and regularly accommodates professional troupes and presenters. The school’s auditorium is capable of accommodating a wide range of special events

such as all our Drama productions, assemblies, concerts, dance, music, theatre, and other performing arts. We also hold occasional lectures and seminars, as well as other entertainment or education related activities.

Rotorua Lakes High School has a wonderful canteen that is open for sales on a daily basis and stocks a wide range of healthy, filling and enjoyable food. We have recently hired the LIBELLE Group which is a trusted, nutrition focussed food service provider.

Our main concern is to provide nutritional food and sensible eating habits for all our students, and at RLHS we think we’ve achieved this. The Canteen is a large, open space, providing our students with a relaxing and inviting place to meet and enjoy good food.